Walk up the Deck of Cards


Can you make it to the top?! West View, aka The Deck of Cards, is a gravity-defying row of candy-coloured houses stacked on a vertiginous hill. Probably the most photographed scene in Cobh, the incredible terraced houses are overlooked by St. Colman’s Cathedral and offer some of the most beautiful views Ireland has to offer.

The 23 gable-fronted houses, with a single bay window, are a riot of colour and overlook the harbour. An engineering marvel, each house follows the gradient of the steep hill.

Scaling the hill is no mean feat. Luckily, the beautiful West View Park sits in the middle, allowing exhausted would-be mountaineers to sit and relax while taking in the views.

Fancy a Rocky moment? We dare you to attempt a run up the steep hill.

Want to take it easy when you reach the summit? Read about the best of Top of the Hill, known locally as Toppa.


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