Enjoy some cruise liner spotting


Maybe you knew that Cobh has Ireland’s only dedicated cruise liner birth, but did you know the town explodes with activity when the liners come in? As an island with a long history of visitors arriving by sea, Cobh knows how to put on a welcome party. From live music and brass bands to markets and special events, Cobh is “hopping” as locals say, when the liners arrive.

Watching the mammoth ships navigate the harbour and dock alongside the town is a thing to behold. To put it into perspective it would have taken Sonia O’Sullivan at her fastest 47 seconds to run the 200-metre length that many of these behemoths stretch beyond. In 2018 Cobh hosted its largest liner to date, the 315-metre Meraviglia. This particular liner included a cinema, a shopping district and a waterpark. Yes, a water park.

This summer there will be more than 75 cruise ships docking in Cobh. To see the schedule, visit the Port of Cork website.




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