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Cobh Museum is most often described as a “little gem” and with good reason. The former church is nestled a few minutes from Cobh Train Station and features ever-changing exhibits that will enthral anyone with an interest in maritime history, genealogy, and the many stories that started – and ended – in Cobh.

Cobh’s time as Queenstown is explored in great detail, as is the connection with the Lusitania, the ill-fated ocean liner that was torpedoed by an Imperial German Navy U-boat during the First World War. With many of the victims buried in Cobh’s Old Cemetary, the detailed information is a poignant reminder of the many tragedies the small town of Cobh has borne witness to.

The museum includes a genealogy service where people with an Irish heritage can discover the possible reasons their ancestors left through Cobh and how they ended it in places as far-flung as Australia and America. Explore the artefacts that were once aboard some of the famous ships that visited the town as well as items recovered from the seabed and enjoy the works and backgrounds of many Cobh Maritime Artists such, as Wheatly Atkinson and William Edward Gumbleton.

Articles from the former Presbyterian Church remain to this day, including the original Chalice, Bible and Alter which were used during the building’s time as an open church. On the altar, you can find a reproduction of the famous Book of Kells which offers you an authentic replication of the experience of seeing the real book. Who needs Dublin?!

The Museum is open seven days a week from April to September. Visit Cobh Museum’s website for more information about current exhibitions and opening times.


Insider tip; American visitors shouldn’t leave without seeing the photo of the Queenstown Baseball team!


“This museum is the site of the last port of call for the Titanic. It features stories of the people who embarked here and their fates. It is so well done with all kinds of technological aids. We are glad we detoured to see it.” – Leah S. Trip Advisor.


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