map of cobh

Great Island

So much to do in one small island. Here’s how to find your way around the harbour town. Many of the island’s attractions are in the downtown area but you’ll be pleasantly surprise if you go beyond the seaside. Be sure to pop into one of the hotels or the tourist office to grab a map of Cobh to keep in your back pocket. 

map of cobh

The social heart of the

island and many of

Cobh's attractions are

located here.

The Islands

Take a boat from

downtown to explore

Top of the Hill

Climb the hill for the best

views of the harbour.

East Ferry

Sailing, a marina, and

Marlogue forest

Back of the Island

Farms, forests, castles

and more views!


Fota Wildlife Park

and Fota House

and Garden


Downtown is where most people start when visiting Cobh. The train station and the Five Foot Way car park are located here, as are most of the attractions. The promenade is the social hub of the town with many festivals and events taking place here throughout the year. Give yourself plenty of time to explore, eat, relax and take on an adventure or two. 

Award-winning Spike

A trip to Spike Island is a must when visiting Cobh. The former prison has won countless international awards since reopening as a historical tourist attraction. Ferry departures to the world-class attraction leave from downtown Cobh and offer photo opportunities of the town’s picture-perfect facade. You can also think outside the box by hiring a boat, or taking a sea tour, to really take in the beauty of the harbour and its stunning islands. 

Top of the

Trek up West View (also known as The Deck of Cards) to get a snap of that famous view of the candy-coloured houses overlooked by the magnificent cathedral. Keep going and you’ll find The Bible Gardens, St. Colman’s Cathedral, some lovely cafes, and stunning streetscapes that overlook the harbour. Take the long way back into town by walking the Lake Road to Whitepoint to capture the best views of any docked liners. Then walk back along the Five Foot Way to embrace the sea wind. Your Instagram feed will thank you. 


Not every visitor makes it as far as East Ferry, but those that do get to experience an enchanted part of the island. The beautiful marina, the woods that leads onto a secluded beach, and the sailing centre make this hidden gem a treat for the whole family. This area is definitely off the beaten track so be sure to bring a picnic. 

Back of the

Leaving Cobh is never easy but taking the scenic Back of the Island route sure does make for a stunning parting gift. Keep your eyes peeled for Belvelly Castle, the stunningly restored Anglo-Norman tower-house with stunning artworks perched on its roof. 


What a bunch of cheeky monkeys our neighbours are. No really. Situated mere metres from Belvelly Bridge is Fota Island, famously home to Fota Wildlife Park. Along with housing one of the country’s leading not-for-profit animal conservation attractions, Fota Island also includes Fota House and Gardens, and the three-time Irish Open host, Fota Golf Course. 

don't know where to start?

There’s sooo much to do in Cobh it can be hard to know where to jump in. Don’t worry, you can build your own itinerary from all the activities.