Wild Garlic

Common Name:               Three-cornered Garlic

Scientific Name:               Allium triquetrum

Irish Name:         Glaschrreamh

Family Group:    Liliaceae

Also known as Three-cornered Leek, this spring-flowering bulb carries 2cm long bell-like white flowers (10-18mm) on stems which are three-sided and about 30cm high.  Along the centre of each petal is a narrow green line and between 3 and 15 flowers are arranged in a drooping one-sided umbel not unlike that of a Bluebell.  The leaves are very markedly angled, coming three to a plant from the base.  From April to June these flowers can be seen growing along roadsides, in hedges, banks and other shady places. This plant is thought to have introduced into Ireland some three-hundred years ago and it has become naturalised in many counties.  It belongs to the family Liliaceae.

This information is courtesy of http://www.wildflowersofireland.net/