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Treat Yourself To The Award-Winning Titanic Trail

The Titanic Walk will take you through Cobh’s streets and environs, revealing sights and events connected to the Titanic and many other parts of Cork. In addition, you will learn about the harbour’s history and Irish heritage.

This fascinating guided walk explores the city of Cobh, which is located in the harbour of Cork and was the RMS Titanic’s final port of call. An experienced guide will escort participants through the historic town of Cobh to recreate the Titanic Timeline voyage. The town’s vista is the same as when the Titanic passengers stepped off the ship at Cork Harbor. The tour explains many fascinating facts about the Titanic, its history, and its connection to Cobh, dating back to when it set sail on its last disastrous voyage over a century ago.
Enjoy a fascinating guided walking tour through Cobh’s streets and neighbourhoods, where you’ll learn about locations and events associated with the Titanic, the history of the Port of Cork, and many other facets of Irish heritage.
The hour-long guided tour will include many photo opportunities along the way.
Oh, and be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Visit titanic.ie to book this tour.

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