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Relive the rebellion with Cobh Rebel Walking Tours.

If you enjoy history, culture, and exploring a new story-rich town, here’s the activity for you. Explore the 16 historic ambush sites, safe houses, gymnasiums, barracks, and incarceration sites for republican volunteers in Cobh and learn about their significance in Irish history.

The story of Cobh’s Company ‘A’, 4th IRA Battalion is told by local historian Kieran McCarthy. Walk in the footsteps of the men and women who helped secure Ireland’s freedom.

Discover the narrative of the Irish Volunteers’ Cobh section. From their beginnings in 1912 through their deeds during the 1916 revolt, how they renamed the city Queenstown to Cobh in 1920, and how they won the war.

Cobh Rebel Walking Tours was launched in April 2017 by local writer and historian Kieran McCarthy. He describes the history of the time in the book Republican Cobh and East Cork Volunteers (Nonsuch Publishing 2008).
Cobh Rebel Walking Tours takes in 16 carefully picked locations during an 80-minute leisurely tour around the town, concluding in the town centre.

Visit CobhRebelWalkingTours.ie to book the tour.

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