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Monkey Around at Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park, located on Fota Island is a short train journey from Cobh and promises to delight visitors of all ages. The Wildlife Park provides a fun and educational experience for the general public while offering the highest standard of living, quality of life, and care to hundreds of animals who call the park home.

It is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist sites in Ireland, and it consistently wins “best” prizes at zoos and wildlife parks across the world.
Founded in 1983 as a non-profit organization, the park attracts around 44,000 visitors each year and is home to about 30 distinct mammal species and 50 different bird species. In addition, it is home to about 100 different animal species. The park is constantly seeking to grow and, in recent years, has added a variety of new displays. The Cheetah Run, the Tropical House, and the Asian Sanctuary are some of the most recent exhibitions.
Visitors will enter the Wildlife Park through the main gate, where they can pay for tickets and rent wheelchairs. Any inquiries guests may have are always gladly answered by the kind staff.
Guests should then turn right and continue the route, beginning with the Cheetah Run. They then proceed to the Asian Sanctuary, Lion Shell, Asian Plains region, and Tiger Forest. Guests will then stroll into the Tropical House, where they will be able to feed the adorable ducks if they so desire.
It also offers educational programs and many child-friendly facilities, such as a children’s playground and picnic area. So wear comfortable shoes as there are long distances and enjoy a beautiful, carefree and constructive walk in nature.

An hourly train from Cobh to Fota wildlife park leaves from Cobh Train Station and takes less than 15 minutes.

Visit FotaWildlife.ie to book tickets to the park.

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