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Immersive history at The Queenstown Story

The Queenstown Story’s immersive approach to storytelling has made it one of Cobh’s most popular attractions. Dedicated to expressing the stories in an engaging and emotive way, The Queenstown Story brings history to life.

Irish immigration has impacted the entire world, here you will see how emigration impacted Ireland, the people who stayed, and those who left. The Queenstown Story is a stirring and evocative experience that covers three centuries of emigration. From the indentured servants who were taken to the U.S. colonies and the West Indies in the 17th century, the early settlers of Canada and America, and the mass exodus caused by the Irish Famine in the 1850s that changed the landscape not only of Ireland but the western world. The mass transportation of convicts to Australia is also uncovered, along with the maritime disasters of the Titanic and the Lusitania that are so deeply connected to Cobh.

The tour is self-guided with audio in various languages available. The interactive, multimedia experience can be at times quite emotional, however, connecting visitors with the history in a respectful and sympathetic is what has made the Queenstown Story such a popular attraction.

Booking is recommended. Visit The Queenstown Story website for booking and more info.

“No trip to Cork would be complete without a trip to the Cobh Heritage Centre, one of the key destinations of Ireland’s Ancient East.” Pure Cork “This is a wonderful experiential museum telling the story of Queenstown/Cobh.
It tells the story of immigrants, sailors, convicts and passengers on the Titanic and Lusitania using letters, diaries, clothing, replica furniture, and possessions. The museum is self guided with dioramas, short films, newspaper articles and photos. You can even trace your Irish roots. It is very moving and something people of all ages should see.” TripAdvisor review. 

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