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Get Some Serious Culture At The Sirius Arts Centre

The Sirius Arts Centre is dedicated to the local, national, and international promotion and development of artistic expression. It is East Cork’s only organization of its kind. Sirius is an arts centre that serves as a bridge between the arts and the general population to increase the goal of improving public knowledge of the arts.

It provides an opportunity for both new and experienced artists from Ireland and abroad to enhance their careers. With additional community programs that foster inquiry through direct involvement in the arts, the program is dedicated to promoting and developing artistic self-expression. Visual art programming and exhibitions, an international artist-in-residence program, music concerts, community art programs and workshops, and other activities all bring people to the eastern area of Cork.
The Sirius Centre for the Arts is a multidisciplinary arts organization based in East Cork’s Cobh-Glanmire neighbourhood. The world’s oldest Royal Cork Yacht Club is housed in a stunning Italian edifice constructed by Anthony Salvin in 1854. The Sirius Centre for the Arts has been housed in the building for 31 years.
Sirius offers a range of excursions for local primary, secondary, and youth organizations and participatory initiatives tailored to each show each year.

The Sirius Centre is open from 11am-4pm, Wednesday to Saturday. Entry is free.
Visit SiriusArtsCentre.ie for more info.

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