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Burn Off Some Energy At Cobh Playground and Outdoor Gym

If, by some miracle, you still have some energy to burn off – and in the very likely event that the kids do – a stroll to the outdoor gym and playground should do the trick.

The large playground is suitable for kids of all ages and overlooks the harbour. The stunning views are ideal for relaxing while the children swing, slide and zipline their way to an early bed (hopefully).
The outdoor gym, situated directly beside the playground, features enough equipment to allow you to burn off some calories while taking in some of the most blissful views Cobh has to offer.
A short stroll from the Heritage Centre, in the opposite direction from the town, the energy-busting duo are an ideal place to end the day. Be sure to stop for a few selfies at the huge butterfly murals before walking the idyllic Five Foot Way.
Just a few metres beyond the playground you’ll find the stony Whitepoint Beach, a popular spot for sea swimming.

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