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The town of Cobh is the heart of Great Island; a small island that captures the history, craic, experiences, music, poetry and feeling of all of Ireland. 

of Cobh

Once known as Queenstown, Cobh has one of the richest histories of any town in Ireland. With deep connections to the Titanic, the Lusitania, the Irish famine, and the centuries of emigration that stamped Irish footprints across the globe. 

Getting to

Situated on the south coast of Ireland, Cobh’s location makes it a gateway for Ireland. Indeed, Cobh is far from isolated with hourly bus and train connections to Cork City and a 20-minute drive to Midleton. There’s a car ferry to Passage West and it’s minutes to Fota Wildlife Park.


Cobh town may be at sea level, but the rest of the island certainly isn’t. The famous West View with it’s stacked houses is a feat of engineering is a landmark unto itself. Scale the hill and you’ll be rewarded with stunningly photogenic views, lesser-visited attractions, and a dizzying sense of the Atlantic ocean.

Staying in

Free sea-front hotels and luxury guesthouses to friendly B&Bs and Airbnbs, Cobh has a place for you to lay your hat. 


Cobh and The Great Island may be small, but it’s jam-packed with places to lose yourself. Embrace your wanderlust and explore every nook and cranny of the island, without needing a compass.

Beyond the

Cobh isn’t just pretty views, rich history and seaside fun you know?! Travel away from the town and you’ll find forests, fairy woods, beautiful walks, horseriding, lush farms, secluded pubs, secret gardens, and even a castle or two. 

don't know where to start?

There’s sooo much to do in Cobh it can be hard to know where to jump in. Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of suggested itineraries to inspire you.