Things to do in Cobh, Cork when it rains

Ireland is known for it’s cool, temperate and often wet climate. After all that’s what makes it so green. But when you want to be out and about having fun and experiencing all that Cobh has to offer, but it’s raining you may feel a little bit peeved.

Cobh however still has so much to see, do and experience, even on wet days.

Cobh Heritage Centre packs so much of the story of Queenstown inside its red bricked exterior that you will be amazed and enthralled. There is a lot more to Cobh than the story of the Titanic, fascinating as it is. The even more tragic story of the Lusitania and the loss of 1200 lives, the era of transportation to Australia, the reality of emigration from Ireland and the transition from Ocean liner to Cruise liner make for a very interesting few hours inside.

The 123 passengers that boarded Titanic in Cobh are the focus of a journey through Titanic Experience Cobh. Journey through the original White Star Line ticket office and learn their fate. The hopes and dreams of seventy nine of those passengers ended on 15th April 1912 and the lives of the 44 others changed forever.

St Colman’s Cathedral is as impressive on the inside as it is domineering on the outside. Every carving, every stained glass window and the musical instruments in the Cathedral were painstakingly and expertly crafted over 100 years ago. The Cathedral celebrates the centenary of its completion this year. There are Carillon recitals on the 49 bells every Sunday in the summer at 4.30pm and the Telford Pipe Organ has been fully restored.

So when you’ve done the interesting learny stuff and it’s still raining you will want some fun. A boat trip on the Harbour is a great idea but not when its raining, although the boat to Spike Island or the Ocean Escapes ferry to Cork are fully covered and most of Spike Island’s attractions are indoors.

Cobh’s setting on Cork Harbour and the candy coloured houses on the hills are Cobh’s unique selling point. So whatever the weather be sure to nip up to the Deck of cards before heading indoors again. Some photos are worth getting a little bit wet for!


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