Cobh Barrack Hill Ball Roll Bank Holiday Monday








At 4 pm this Bank Holiday Monday Cobh will again claim the title for holding the world’s most unique and fun lottery as the annual Barrack Hill Ball Roll takes place.

The Barrack Hill Ball Roll is a lottery like no other. It uses over 6,000 numbered balls that are released at the top of a steep hill nicknamed the Deck of Cards. The hill has 25 houses stacked up against each other on the hillside. Once released the thousands and thousands of numbered coloured balls cascade and bounce their way down the ridged surface of the roadway.

The excitement of the children intent on propelling the balls even faster down the hill, the unique sound of the clinking of the balls or the bustle of the gatherers at the finish line intent on saving as many balls as possible for next year are all part of the experience.

This event is a fundraiser in aid of the Head and Neck Oncology unit of the South Infirmary Hospital and Brainwave Ireland. Balls are on sale in local shops at €2 each and on the day.

Be a part of it. Come to Cobh, buy your ball for just €2 and hope that your ball is one of the first four balls past the post to win a cash prize.


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