PocketNative – An opportunity for Cobh

We all know how important the internet has become for people intending to go on holidays. The internet has virtually replaced guidebooks and brochures as a source of information and increasingly people are booking some if not all of their holiday arrangements online.

In 2009, almost 750,000 Americans visited the island of Ireland. Forty two percent of those hired cars to travel around the country. This means that they decided themselves where to visit in Ireland, what to do and how long to stay in each place.

Increasingly tourists are designing their entire itineraries and pre-booking it on the internet. This is normally a cumbersome and time consuming process.

The launch of the new website PocketNative will allow tourists to research all of the things that they want to see, visit, do, eat and buy on their holiday to Ireland and then to book a complete itinerary, including flights, accommodation, tours, events and even that special dinner anywhere in Ireland in one transaction.

Added to that the tourist has the reassurance of the use of an iPhone 4 preloaded with that itinerary and providing GPS driving directions, access to the Internet, narrative landscape tours, the ability to post photos and even to call home all as part of the PocketNative package.

PocketNative is starting a marketing campaign in the US at the start of the December 2010 and in the UK in summer 2011.

For a very modest charge, businesses can be a part of the roll out of this exciting development.

You may read the brochure by clicking here.

Cobh Tourism has pleasure in inviting you to a presentation in the Commodore Hotel in Cobh on Thursday 28th October at 8 pm that will give you a real appreciation of the extent, functionality and potential of PocketNative.

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