St. Benedict’s Priory Bible Garden and Tea Rooms


Review of St. Benedict’s Priory Bible Garden and Tea Rooms

St. Benedict’s Priory Bible Garden & Tea Rooms are located at the high end of Cobh, behind St.Colman’s Cathedral and is the perfect getaway in Cobh. Once one enters, it becomes one’s own personal sanctuary. Its tranquil surroundings are perfectly conducive to forgetting any troubles you may have plus its calming and peaceful atmosphere makes you feel completely relaxed.

The Monastic Heritage Centre provides a fascinating presentation of the history of Monasticism inIreland. The Bible Garden provides an ambience for all who seek a secluded place to meditate on the Bible in the setting of biblical trees, plants and flowers as well as breathtaking views of Cobh including St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh Town and Cork Harbour. The beautiful collection of flowers, plants and shrubbery is particularly impressive in summer and the immaculate ponds with fish are amazing to sit by while enjoying the peace and quiet.

The garden is perfect for that special moment of reflection or remembrance. Memorial plaques andmonuments dedicated to those who have passed away decorate the garden beautifully and add to the spiritual atmosphere and aura of the place. One of the most famous monuments in St. Benedicts, The Leanbh Memorial, was erected as a memorial to anyone who has suffered the loss of a child.

The Priory building at The Mount was originally the Admiralty House and was in more recent times used as the Generalate and Novitiate of the Cloyne Sisters of Mercy.

St. Benedict’s Bible Garden covers about one and a half acres on secluded ground in the Priory. Several of the Gardens mentioned in the Bible are recaptured in this Bible Garden: – the Garden of the Song; the Pool of Solomon; the Spring of Engeddi; the Garden of Gethsemane; the Garden of the Resurrection. The entire Bible Garden is laid out in the form of a Jerusalem Cross.

After your relaxing stroll why not visit the tea rooms? This serves a delightful selection of cakes and sandwiches as well as a great selection of both hot and cold beverages. The friendly staff make for a fantastic atmosphere in a lovely setting where you can enjoy a chat with a friend over tea and cakes or simply read a book with a coffee by yourself.

Looking to find St. Benedict’s? Simply walk up the hill from the Cathedral, turn right onto John O’Connell Street at The Quarry Cock Bar and follow the road straight up and you will see the gates of St. Benedict’s straight in front of you just before the road turns off left for Beechmount.
 A must see for anyone visiting Cobh!

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