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The Titanic Trail Review:

A must see for any tourist visiting Cobh is the Titanic Trail. Anyone undertaking this walking tour will certainly not be disappointed. The warm host and tour guide, Dr. Michael Martin, brings Cobh’s rich history to life in a warm, welcoming and informative manner.

From the Annie Moore statue to the Lusitania & Titanic memorials, Michael offers the hard facts in a relaxed and personable style. It is through this method that Michael manages to relay the most knowledge possible about the Titanic as well as other topics, such as the Lusitania without making it feel like a real history lesson! Having written books on both the Titanic and Spike Island (to which, he also offers walking tours), Michael is an expert on the subject of the Titanic and it’s strong relationship with Cobh.

One of the many highlights which one’s attention is drawn to is the original offices of the White Star Line, where Titanic passengers would have collected their tickets and queued for the ferries out to the ship and which still stands in its original form today. Not only is the subject of the Titanic covered but Michael also seamlessly incorporates buildings of significance and offers a brief history of each along the way. Examples of this include the first American representative house of Cobh, the first Methodist Church, The Commodore Hotel, John F. Kennedy Park and St. Colman’s Cathedral.

Michael takes pride in the fact that he wrote, prepared & presents the tour himself and that he isn’t simply reading from a script pre-prepared by someone else. This means that a real sense of genuine passion comes through throughout the duration of the tour.

Being a very well travelled man and having given talks on both the Titanic and Spike Island all over the world, Michael truly knows his audience. He strives to make each tour as suitable to his audience as possible and whether you are visiting from America, Canada, Great Britain, Europe or anywhere else in the world, he is sure to be able to make you involved and at ease with his welcoming, sincere and light-hearted nature.

The tour moves at a nice steady pace. For those who are afraid too much walking may be involved, the entire tour takes place in the space of roughly 300m. One has the opportunity to purchase both of Michael’s fantastic books for a small nominal fee and can avail of the chance to have them autographed by him! Tours run daily at 11am, starting outside the Commodore Hotel and additional tours can be organised by getting in contact with Michael directly. A must for the itinerary of anyone planning on visiting Cobh, I would absolutely recommend the Titanic Trail to anyone.

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Telephone: From Overseas +353 21 4815211, From Ireland 021 4815211
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Address: The Titanic Trail, Carrignafoy, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland.




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