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Historical Walking Trail Review:

For someone coming to Cobh for the first time, I would definitely recommend that they do the walking trails. These 3 quick walks are by far the best way to instantly familiarise yourself with the town of Cobh and the immediate surrounding area. Best of all, they’re completely free! The trails start from the Titanic Memorial in the centre of town with a large map board which outlines each route. Along each route you will also find plaques informing you of interesting facts and useful pieces of information.

The first walk takes you from the centre of town in a westerly direction, out past the Heritage Centre and Train Station. On this trail you experience the fantastic prom walk which goes the length of this side of Cobh and allows you to cross over the railway line via pedestrian bridges. From these you can take in the most wonderful views of the town from the west side and it’s the ideal spot to take in the sight of any liner which may be visiting (which is many in the summer months). The latter end of this walk then takes up around the upper round into Cobh town and this offers you a chance to take in many of the delightful Victorian houses which are located just before you enter the town itself. The walk is 2.5km approximately in length.

The second trail leads from the central starting point, due north towards St. Colman’s Cathedral. Although it is a little steep, the scenery and sights which will reward your effort are more than worth it. Taking you from the base structure of the Cathedral and around the side to the entrance, even the tallest of people will have strains in their neck from looking up so much to take in this truly breathtaking structure. Not only a must see for visiting Cobh or Ireland, St. Colman’s Cathedral is a must see for anywhere in the world. The shortest of the walks, it is 1.3km in length approximately.

The third and final trail leads east from the centre of town towards the opposite side of Cobh. This walk leads you straight to “The Bench”, one of Cobh’s best viewing points. Here is the perfect opportunity to take out the camera and get some of the best scenic photos from your visit or simply sit down and relax while taking it all in. It’s from here that some of the best views of the harbour and the surrounding islands, including Spike Island can be viewed. At 2.8km it is the longest of the three walks, although it certainly does not feel so. Past this you will come to the “Holy Ground”, an area saturated in history frequented by visiting sailors and locals alike throughout the years.

Throughout each of the walks the routes are finger posted by signs showing you the correct route to take and there are also plaques and photos outlining interesting historical facts and photos showing that the architecture of Cobh has remain largely unchanged for the past 100 years or so. It is these subtle additions which really make the walks as informative as they are and even the biggest history buffs who visit will leave knowing a thing or two more about Cobh’s rich history.

The walking trails each show u a different “side” of Cobh, both literally and figuratively. It is by far the best way to take in some of the best views not only in Cobh but all of Ireland. It also has the major benefit of never being “closed”. This means that whether you arrive in Cobh at 9am or 7pm, you know that these walking trails will be ready and available to give you a firsthand crash course on all things Cobh.


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